Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year and a New Decade

Wow! Here I am almost a whole year into this blogging thing. I began this blog in February 2009 without a clue as to how I could keep it going. Jeph, over at Jeph's Spot, used to be my web designer when I had a website. When I gave up my website, he encouraged me to get into blogging. I had read a lot of different blogs and just didn't think I could measure up to what was out there. Most of the blogs I saw were based on a theme - gardening, cooking, crafts, farm life, firearms, and any number of other topics - none of those was an exact fit for me because I have so many different interests and not one, by itself, totally defines who I am.

But for whatever reason, unknown to me, I started out. I spread the word among my friends and got positive feedback from them. So I continued on. I settled into a niche of writing about the everyday things that happened to me or that I was thinking about. One of my earliest posts focused on my idle thoughts as I walked in from a distant parking lot to work each day. I wrote about my trip South to get together with my cousins on our "ancestral" land, land that had been in our family for probably 150 years or more. Here we were, out in the middle of no where, miles from civilization, and we had a truly wonderful day together. I posted a picture and wrote about my excitement of seeing the first sprout of daffoidils poking through the ground in early March, after a harsh winter. During the summer, I posted pictures of my shrubs and flowers and was proud of nurturing them to the point of bringing a lot of color to my yard. I shared recipes that I enjoyed. I wrote about my Great-Aunt Sally, who died when I was a small child. In short, I have come to realize that it is the common, ordinary, little things that make up the fiber of our lives and make us who we are. On more than one occasion, I found myself walking down the hall at work and someone would come by and make a comment on my blog, people that I didn't even think were aware of my blog!

Along the way, I have discovered other blogs that I truly enjoy. . . farmgirlfare, grannys garden, Going Country, How to Cook Like Your Grandmother, and so many others.

What will I write about in 2010? I have no idea! In almost every case, the posts that you read come to my mind about a half minute before they are posted! I welcome and appreciate the comments I get, so keep those coming. Now go out and make it a Great 2010 in your life!

And one last word. . . Happy Birthday, Richard! Richard is my "little cousin" from Florida. Today is his birthday. I remember the day he was born, way back in the 60's!

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