Monday, January 4, 2010

It's COLD!

Western New York, and much of the nation, even as far south as Florida, is in the middle of a brutal cold snap. Yesterday, it was treacherous driving to church. When the temperature gets below a certain level, road salt has little or no impact. Traffic on the expressways, usually moving along at 65+ mph, was going at a snail's pace. Then when I was on my way home, the road conditions were even worse. There were cars off in a ditch alll along the way. A couple of times I tried to stop or slow down and my car just kept right on going. Most drivers were trying to drive sensibly for the conditions and leaving a big space between each car. It was like driving on a grease-coated road.

Welcome to winter in New York State!


  1. I just wouldnt go out in that !! I have no idea how you drive in snow,you didnt say "snow" so maybe it was ice ?? Either thanks :0)
    The weather here is still 'tropical' rain,humid and around 32c.At night we are down to 20c.Everything is very green and soggy!

  2. Snow AND ice!!! You have no idea the feeling you get inside when you are driving sensibly and still cannot stop your car because of the ice.


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