Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Little Surprises

I'm off work until Monday, January 4. Today I have decided to stay home and not venture out. I watched a Netflix movie, did some laundry, and I'm trying to talk myself into clearing the driveway of snow.

But there is one thing I did, hardly without even thinking, that brought a smile to my face. I got a new picture of my three grandsons for Christmas. I walked past my dresser and saw it laying there and decided to put it in a frame. So I picked up a frame off the chest of drawers that had an older picture of the three boys and decided that picture should be replaced. I opened up the back of the frame, removed the cardboard and three pictures fell out. The two that were underneath, and not showing in the frame, are what grabbed my attention. The first one was a picture of Kevin as a baby, sitting up holding a big baseball glove and a baseball. The second one, with Kevin maybe a couple of years old, showed him sitting in front of the camera with a darling smile on his face. Was Kevin ever THAT small??? It is hard to imagine that far back. . . even back before Jake and Andrew came along. Kevin was born in 2000. Where does time go?

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  1. I had a collection of little photos of my son in my wallet for many years,Id get a new one...but couldnt bear to take the older ones out :0)
    Happy New Year Sherry !!! (in 2 hours and 15 minutes,Lol)... our time.


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