Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What a real ego trip!

Today was the last class of the Presentations Skills class I have been taking at work every Tuesday morning for the last 4 weeks. Our assignment for today was to prepare and present a 5 minute segment of a 30 minute presentation, using the skills we have learned in class. I chose to do my presentation on camp dutch oven cooking.

The class was very receptive to the presentation, not only being complimentary of my presentation skills but also asking questions and making comments on the topic. They liked it!

Some of the comments I got on my evaluations from the class members:
  • Very calm and deliberate, like you were sharing a secret
  • Able to answer questions appropriately. I learned a lot in your 5 minutes of fame!
  • Very good presentation, made you want to learn more
  • Interesting material

At the end of the class as I was walking out the door, one man came up to me and said, "You know, your presentation could have been much improved if you had cooked a meal and served us!!!"

Definitely made carrying a heavy cast iron dutch oven and tools around this large medical center campus very worthwhile! Even my smallest dutch oven isn't lightweight.

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