Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The picture of Kevin and Bingo in the post below really tugs at my heart! I have always felt sorry for anyone who doesn't like dogs or doesn't have one in their life. Even my father, who put up a strong "I don't like dogs in the house" exterior, melted with Molly once. We were sitting at the kitchen table. Molly, very quietly, was sitting beside Daddy's chair looking up at him. He would look at her and then look away. Finally, he would say, "Go on, Dog, I don't love you." Molly would just sit there staring back at him. Then he said, as if continuing his sentence, ". . . even with those eyes, I don't want you." Then why, at a later time, when we took Molly for a walk, did he want to hold her leash???? His attempts that day to discipline her with his verbal commands make me laugh even to this day.

We all need a dog in our life. Dogs are all about unconditional love and acceptance. When you come home and the world has treated you like dirt, a dog is there to let you know, "I'm glad you're home!"

Kids grow up and move away and don't need you anymore. But a dog needs you always.

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