Monday, July 27, 2009


Duh. . . I can't believe I gave in to the Facebook craze, but I did. I don't need another addiction. Aren't the blogs that I can't live without enough? I've been pressured from all sides from people I know that are on it. Finally gave in last night when I wanted to see Marisa's latest pictures. Why couldn't she just e-mail me the pictures?

Well, anyway, it has already provided a few laughs. I merely stated on my page that I still preferred my blog, began typing in the link to here and SHAZAAM, the link to my blog and my blog profile shows up out of no where.

Then it started "suggesting" friends - many I have known for years and others I never heard of.

How simple life was when we only had three TV channels to choose from, the word, "computer" didn't exist. . . well, I would tell you I can remember living in a home without TV, but then you would really think I am ancient. Notice I didn't tell you in yesterday's entry how old my boys are! But wait! I'm not old enough to sign up for Medicare. . . doesn't that count for something???

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  1. Hee hee..I did the facebook thing too!Scary place isnt it..Id prefer my blog for some reason.We still only have 5 TV channels,all free to air.I do love the computer though,I know we survived without it,but I wouldnt be able to check in on you now would I :0) Love the new puppy,every child needs a dog in their life.


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