Monday, July 13, 2009


I saw my first Monarch Butterfly yesterday flying around the coneflowers out front. They are in full bloom right now and soon there will be hummingbirds too. The Black-eyed Susans have started to open up their blooms. Out back, the shrubs across the back fence, which are a type of hydrangea have started to bloom. They seem late this year. They begin as a big white bloom and towards Fall gradually turn pink.

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  1. I just had what I learned was a Red Admiral visiting the recently planted butterfly bush a short while ago. And before that, a yellow swallowtail was out at the same plant. Only one of the butterfly bushes that I planted over the last couple years seems to be doing well this year - but it's still not in bloom. Another survived and is scrawny, and I think the rest died. I couldn't resist - I had to buy a new one! ;-) The payoff with all the visiting butterflies is well worth it...


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