Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July, Everyone! This is a holiday when I always pause to think about what a privilege it is to live in this country and to be a natural born American. Yes, we have a lot of problems right now and there are a lot of things wrong with this country today. But you know what? You need only to remember your high school history classes to know that throughout history, the United States has gone through a lot of tough times and we always bounce back. I remember as a young child, my grandfather, Popa, saying, "I just wish today's kids could go through the hard times that we have been through. Then they would appreciate the things we have today" He was speaking of the Great Depression and the hardships his generation endured. Well, Popa, WE HAVE! There was the Viet Nam War, the race riots of the 60's, and September 11, 2001, to name a few. When I was in Ireland once, I remember saying to an English couple that September 11th brought the American people to its knees. She said it had the same effect in her country. But we came through it and we survived. That is part of being an American.

Wanted to show you how my flowers are coming along. Above, you see the blooms on my Black Eyed Susans. Below are my daisies opening up.

And here are my coneflowers.

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