Monday, January 6, 2014

This turned my giggle box upside down!

You have to understand the mindset of the Southern football fan to understand this post!  Football is a religion down there.  Every school boy dreams of playing football in the South Eastern Conference.

If you want to talk about a rabid rivalry, think of the University of Alabama Crimson Tide and the University of Auburn Tigers.  The term "House divided" in the state of Alabama means within a family, one or more support the Crimson Tide and one or more support the Auburn Tigers.

So now the Crimson Tide, which was the number one team in the country for most of the season, lost out "by a second or sooner."  Translated, they lost the Auburn game in the last second and the Oklahoma Sooners beat them in the Sugar Bowl.

Tonight, the Auburn Tigers play "for all the marbles" in the BCS Championship Game in Pasadena.  My cousin, Rita, and her husband, Kip, are a "house divided."  Auburn was never expected to go this far in the postseason.  Kip is a strong Auburn Tigers fan, although I have been trying to rehabilitate him over the years.

With Auburn playing in the BIG game tonight, Kip, most likely to annoy Rita, goes through the house singing the theme song from the old sitcom, "The Jeffersons," "Movin' on up!"

When I read that on facebook, I laughed hysterically!

As I said at the beginning, you have to understand the mindset of the Southern football fan!

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