Sunday, January 26, 2014

A matter of perspective

My cousins down South are excited that they may get up to two inches of snow this week.  And if I never see another snowflake in my life, I wouldn't be upset.

This has been an unusually harsh winter in upstate New York. . . oh, for those not from New York!. . . "Upstate New York" means anything north of New York City.

I keep my LLBean duck shoes that I wear outside working in the yard in the three season room, which is not heated.  One pre-dawn morning this week, I slipped my feet into them to take the dogs out.  They were frozen to the floor.

In order to cut down on winter accidents, the roads are coated with salt.  This melts the snow and ice on the road but is also not good for your car.  So I run my car through the car wash at least once a week in these conditions.

I miss being outside as often as in other seasons.  There is something wonderful about just going for a walk and clearing your brain of the worries and cares of the day. Or riding my bike out in the hills of Mendon with its distant views and cornfields  and barns.

I live for the day when winter becomes a thing of the past for another year and sunshine and warmth take over once again.

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