Saturday, January 11, 2014

Moosejaw, an online retailer

During the recent extreme winter weather we had, I found none of my gloves were adequate for keeping my hands warm on the long walk from the parking lot into work.  I have Renaud's Syndrome, which means when my finger tips get cold, they really hurt and it takes a long time for them to warm up.

I went to my usual sources, LL Bean and REI to purchase a good set of winter mittens.  Neither had a good inventory left and nothing that I wanted.  So I did a search of "women's winter mittens."

"Moosejaw?" I asked as my eyes went down the screen.  I had never heard of them and tend to be cautious about ordering online from a company I have never heard of.

Their website is comical, most likely written and designed by a bunch of 20-somethings.  But they did have what I wanted and I was desperate.  So I placed the order and took the standard shipping at no charge.

The gloves arrived by FedEx this morning, less than a week from when I placed the order.  I"m impressed.

Moosejaw packaging is as comical as the website.  There is a big label on the outside saying, "Sealed with a Kiss" and someone signed their initials.  And there was a little surprise inside the package.

I don't know how long this company has been around, but they do have good marketing skills!

How about you? Has anyone else ordered from them before?

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  1. My Kirby has a mild form of Reynauds Syndrome too. We don't get freezing cold weather but her feet especially suffer in winter, turning blue on just a bit of a cold day. I am the total opposite, my feet and hands are always warm in winter. glad you found some good gloves,

    Cheers - Joolz


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