Sunday, January 5, 2014

A definite addition to my Wonderful Moments jar!

I hadn't been on the scales in at least a month or more.  So I stepped on this morning after drying off from the shower.  What?  Maybe I should go get my glasses. . . that can't be right.

Since the last time I was on the scales, I have lost 5 pounds, even after all the chocolate and goodies I ate during the holidays!  I verified that with my glasses on!!!


  1. Congratulations! :) I am very happy for you! I wish it would all work that way for me! I just hope the weight loss fairy will visit me now! We certainly enjoyed food this holiday season so I'm now being more careful than usual while out at sea. This is NOT easy out here!

  2. That is excellent! So hard to do during the holidays. I didn't lose any, but didn't gain either, so for that I will be thankful. I've lost some pounds this year (gained after I blew out my knee) but replacing the chips and candy with popcorn with flavored seasonings and drinking a ton of water (and no pop or beer). It's NOT easy.

  3. Well done! I too was surprised this morning as the scales had not seemed to move upwards like I thought they would. Now I just need to lose a tiny bit so I am well and truly under my Weight Watchers weight from 18th December when we broke up for Christmas. It makes you feel good, doesn't it?


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