Sunday, December 27, 2009

My most unique Christmas present

I got a lot of nice things for Christmas - a new picture of my grandsons, earrings, a new cookbook (that I didn't already have!. . . more on that in a minute), clothes. But the most unusual one that I got is a bookmark! One of Marisa's friends makes these and sells them at craft fairs. When I first opened it up, I thought it was a piece of jewelry and in my mind, I was scrambling to think, "How do you wear this???" I'll bet you have never seen anything like this! I hadn't.

It really is a lot nicer than these pictures show.

Oh! As for the cookbook! It is a joke in my family about my cookbooks. I guess you can say I'm a "cookbookaholic". . . when I see a new cookbook that looks good, I just can't let go of it! I must have well over 100. . . I've had a lot of them for over 40 years. I've never taken the time to count them all. I got "the all-new ultimate Southern Living Cookbook" No, Marisa and Michael, I didn't already have this one!!!

And while we are on the subject of unique gifts, check out Marisa's website, She makes wonderful bath products that you will love.


  1. Beautiful bookmark,some people are sooo crafty :0)
    I have cookbook 'issues' myself ,"Hi,my name is Granny,and Im a cookbookaholic"Lol.But I doubt I have 100!! That is alot :0)


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