Monday, December 21, 2009

Ah! The package is in the mail!

Can't tell you how good it feels to know that I finally got the Christmas package going to the "Southern Contingent of the Bennett Family" in the mail tonight. I had everyone's present except for Kevin, my oldest grandson. I ordered his present online over a week ago and I was beginning to wonder what happened to it. I was going to mail the rest of the packages on Saturday and send Kevin's whenever it came. Well, we all know what happened in the Mid-Atlantic States on Saturday! Deep snow! Ten inches of snow in the South is much worse than ten inches up here. They don't have the equipment to deal with it down there like we do.

Then I couldn't decide if it would be best to wait till conditions cleared down there to mail it or not. Kevin's package came today. After work I quickly put the presents in a box, stuffed packing paper in the box so the presents wouldn't get knocked around inside and drove to the post office. Thankfully, they are open till 7:00 pm this week.

I still have Michael and Marisa's presents to wrap. But they are here in Rochester so there is no stress getting their presents out the door!


  1. It's always a mad house at the post office this time of year..I try not to go near the place the week before Christmas.
    This year the postal workers have gone on a 48 hour strike,starting today,for more pay and better work conditions!!!Great time to get everyones attention,but geez...where the Christmas spirit!!??

  2. Now I thought that was something only Americans would do!


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