Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter wreaks havoc in Western New York

Some parts of Rochester and surrounding areas today got hit hard with huge falling trees, icy, slippery roads, widespread power outages, and a heavy wet snow this morning that later turned to rain and slush. In Irondequoit, a town in the northern part of Rochester, a tree 5 feet in diameter fell on a house.

As for me, I escaped all the ugliness, other than walking through slush to get to my car this afternoon. My drive to and from work was uneventful and I didn't lose electricity at home.

I came home to a crockpot full of chili. Hhhmmm. . . wish I had garlic bread to go with it, but it wasn't worth trudging out to the store to get a loaf.

Welcome to winter in New York!

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