Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Why is it, if you neglect a plant, it will wither and die? Yet weeds will thrive in any condition. And the more you neglect a weed, the bigger it gets. Not fair. Jeph, over at Jeph's Spot, mentioned in his blog about putting newspaper down and cover that with mulch. Now he tells me even that isn't 100%. Kristin, at Going Country, who can put us all to shame with her vegetable gardens, also has an ongoing battle with weeds. Weeds are like dust. . . a never ending battle!


  1. You're not kidding... I'm so tired of weeds. Thankfully, the beds that I used to avoid walking past sometimes because the weeds were so bad are now all nice and mulchy. And yes, there's newspaper under that mulch!! So for now - they're beautiful again. But I have seen a couple green sprigs poking up here and there where maybe I didn't have newspaper down...

  2. Weeds cannot be defeated. They can only be temporarily subdued. It's best to do what you can to control them and then just accept their presence.


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