Monday, June 15, 2009


Here is a close up of one of my two Crown Prince Regelias in the front yard. Across the front of my house I had two of these with a Holly bush in the middle. The deer totally ate the entire Holly bush a couple of years back. Now there is a small part of it that has grown back. Need to replace it with something the deer don't like.

I love the Southern Azalia. But we can't grow them in this climate so the Crown Prince Regelia is the closest thing to it.


  1. Hi Sherry,when I looked at your flowers I went outside and checked my Azaleas,they both covered in teeny weeny little buds!One is the same colour as yours and the other is a pale,pastel pink..cant wait for them to flower in spring :0)

  2. The azalias in the Southern part of the United States get to be quite large and in the spring they are just covered in blooms. Their blooms are about 2 inches across and just so colorful.


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