Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Breakfast entertainment!

Rarely am I entertained while eating breakfast on a weekday morning. . . unless you want to count Molly and her bag of tricks to get a bite of whatever I am eating. For the past days I have watched with joy as the baby birds in the bird house just outside my kitchen bay window grew. At first all you could see were these huge, oversized beaks, wide open waiting for food. Then a day or so later, you could see a tiny head. This morning they began to get brave. I watched as they poked more and more of their head out of the hole in between times when the mother bird brought them food. You could almost see it written on their face, "Hhmm. . . there is a whole big wide world out there. . . what am I hanging around here for???" Then, in an instant, one of them flew out of the nest! That lasted for a second or two and then he dropped down quickly. I jumped up from my seat and looked to see where he landed. Couldn't see anything and with time constraints, I didn't go outside for a closer look.

Update on the mysterious newborns behind my house. Someone suggested they could be moles.


  1. interesting blog!


  2. What a nice way to start the day :0)


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