Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ramblings of a coffee addict

Every three months I have to go have blood drawn for my upcoming doctor's appointment. There is really nothing wrong with me. It's just that my doctor can't get along without seeing me every three months. He likes to talk, I'm a good listener. Together we solve all the world's problems.

Today is the Saturday for me to have my lab work done. Which means I can't have anything except water for 12 hours prior to having blood drawn. Not even a cup of coffee, for gosh sakes. The lab doesn't open till 9:00 am. Molly will not tolerate letting me stay in bed long enough to allow for a quick shower and out the door to the lab. No, it's up at dawn, which these days comes way too early on a Saturday morning.

Why does my coffeemaker loom so large in front of me this morning? MOLLY, would you just get out of my way??? WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT, I'VE FED YOU AND LET YOU OUT. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, DOG.

Even the usual e-mail jokes and notes I've received from friends overnight don't interest me. THERE IS THAT DARN COFFEEPOT GLARING AT ME AGAIN.

I'm getting weak, my head hurts. Well, dammit, you'd feel bad too if all you could have is a glass of water.

FINALLY, it is time to leave for the hospital lab. The car door won't open. Oh, I forgot, I must've locked the door last night. Why would I have done that? It sits in the garage all night.

Geez, where did that curb come from? Doesn't it know I have the right of way. What is wrong with this place?

It has now been over two hours since I got out of bed. I WANT A CUP OF COFFEE.

There is my parking lot that I park in during the week when I come to work. It is empty today so I can park anywhere I want. Big deal. DAMN, the gate doesn't want to lift up. [Out of good taste, I will leave out my string of words here]. There, I thought you'd see it my way, damn gate.

Only trash hangs out in the lobby on Saturday mornings. Look at that woman, she's gotta be 100 pounds overweight and she's ugly. Look at that little kid. Why doesn't his mother dress him better to be out in public?

Uugghhh. . . I smell the Fingerlakes Coffee Roasters coffee stand. . . there is no way I can get to the lab without walking past that paradise for coffee drinkers. They ought to make a law that on the Saturday mornings I have to come for my lab work, nobody can buy coffee there. I want to cry right here in front of everybody. The lab opens at 9:00 am. It is now 8:45am. You either come early, wait at the door, or come at 9:00 and wait endlessly for your turn while all the riff raff gets their turn ahead of you. Why is it that everyone that walks down the hall here has a cup of coffee in their hand?

My turn comes to go to the check in desk at the lab. I even remember to tell the lady that my phone number has changed and can give her the number without looking at my cell phone to get it right.

The next minutes are totally unbearable. I don't like needles. I don't like the sight of blood. The little fresh faced kid that is assigned to draw my blood looks like this is her first day on the job.

Oh, maybe she's not so bad after all. At least she was able to hit a vein on the first try. That's unusual.

YES!!! I'M FREE! DONE!!! Now where is that Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters place? There are 5 people ahead of me in line. Why did they have to choose right now to get their coffee.

"Can I help whose next, please?"

"YES! I'll have a small Friends Blend, please." [See, I remembered to say 'please']

WONDERFUL! This is the best coffee I've ever had in my life. I sit in the lobby and enjoy this truly great cup of coffee. There is music playing in the background. The sun is shining outside. Hhmm, what a cute little child that is walking by me and he even smiled at me. Kinda reminds me of Andrew, one of my grandsons.

The world has changed drastically in the last few minutes. It is good to be alive and I've got the whole rest of the weekend to enjoy doing whatever I want!!!


  1. Hi Sherry! what a laugh...I use to be a morning coffee person,couldnt function without it! For the last 10 years its been Tea.I love a good coffee when Im out ,but always Tea at home.Maybe if I could make a decent cup at home it would be different!All those plungers,dripperlators,perkalators,automatic coffee makers and instants!!What do you use?

  2. Hi Granny! I use a Bunn coffeemaker and highly recommend it. Coffee is my first priority in the morning. I drink tea in the winter. Like that too.


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