Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Opportunity For Me

I am pleased to announce that I will be Co-chair of the Expo that the Genesee Valley Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club sponsors every June. Expo is a way of showing the community what outdoor activities and resources are available right here in the Rochester area. Every year it just gets bigger and better with more and more participation.

I attended an Expo quite a few years back and wasn't too excited about it so I never went back. Then, over the last couple of years or so, I began overhearing people not associated with the ADK talking about what a wonderful experience Expo was for them. So I thought I'd check it out again. This year I was one of dozens of workshop presenters. I gave a short talk and demo on using camp dutch ovens for canoe camping and car camping trips. It was well received and actually turned into more of a conversation with the audience and me. They just circled around the table I was using for my equipment and started asking a lot of questions. It was obvious they were excited over what I was demonstrating.

One of the advantages of Expo is that you can try out different canoes and kayaks available from retailers in the area without being pressured to buy. No selling is allowed during Expo.

There are workshops on bicycle maintenance and repair, outdoor cooking techniques, safety in the woods, what to do if you encounter a wild animal in the woods, and much more. You can take a guided hike through Mendon Ponds Park, where Expo is held each year. In short, if it is outdoor, human powered recreation, you will find it at Expo.

I am looking forward to being involved with an exciting project that benefits many people in the Rochester community.

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  1. Sounds great!That will keep you busy.Im not into hiking,never tried kayaking,looks nice though.Not too worried about wild animals in the bush...SNAKES !!! now they worry me! Ive had too many up close and personal encounters with them.I think Australia has most of the top ten most deadliest snakes in the world(put you off a camping trip to Oz yet?)lol.Wonderful that you are so involved with your community :0)


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