Saturday, April 16, 2016


I still find myself laughing and thinking about things that happened on my trip last week.  There is Aunt Ilene. . .94 years old and can still get out on the dance floor. "I'm not coming back next year [to our cousins' reunion]".  We have heard that since year one.  In 2009, our first reunion, she said, "I'm glad to be here one more time [on our property where we hold the reunion]"

It is warm this weekend in Western New York. . . warm and sunny.  The dogs have enjoyed spending more time outside running and fighting over sticks.

It is nice to see people again around the neighborhood.  People walking dogs, or riding bikes, or pushing baby strollers.

"You were gone last week, weren't you?"  My next door neighbor called across the fence while I was sitting out back with the dogs.


"Your trip down South that you take every year?"

"That's right!"

After the third day when the front door outdoor light wasn't on and she never saw any lights in the house, she figured I was gone.

Drum roll, please. . . Tomorrow I'm going to cook baby back ribs on the grill!  All of you know how much I enjoy cooking outside, whether it is ribs on the grill or smoking a chicken, or better still, a brisket.  One of the joys of smoking meat is sitting by the smoker, looking up at the white puffy clouds moving across the sky and taking in the aroma coming from the smoker.

I made my usual pilgrimage to Costco a little while ago.  I really love that store.  I'm finding out many of the Kirkland brand of products are top rated.  Their dog food is one of them.  Their laundry products are comparable to Tide and Downy and a lot less expensive.

Enough of my chit chat. . . the dogs are letting me know it is time to feed them!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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