Friday, April 22, 2016

A Thank You note. . .

. . . that brought me to tears.

I received the following handwritten note in the mail today:

Dear Sherry,

I cannot tell you how much we appreciate you planning your Alabama trip around the wedding!  It meant so much that you were there to celebrate this special occasion with Jeremy and Emily!!  Lots of good memories made those two days!  Take good care and get to planning next year!

Much love,

Folks, I work in a high stress environment where I am often "kicked in the face" figuratively.  Rarely, does anyone say thank you to me, much less in a handwritten note.  My work life is so PC oriented that it is disgusting and throw in the politics. . . well, I'm sure you understand.  I know I am not the only working stiff that experiences this type of thing.

Thank you, Rita.  You made my day a lot brighter.

And I was honored to be invited to this storybook wedding.

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