Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cousins' Reunion, Part 2

On Thursday, most of the cousins' had arrived.  A few couldn't make it and they were missed.  Next year!

I arrived before anyone else and went about trimming back the overgrowth and weeds along the road in and around our "gathering space."  When Pam and Aunt Ilene got there, they joined me.  Yes, Aunt Ilene is 94 years old this year and she pulled more weeds than anyone else. . . really!

This year I stumbled onto an idea of bringing beach balls to throw into the pond and use for target practice.  That was the most fun!  I had 4 inch diameter and 12 inch diameter.  By accident, I discovered if you aim just below the ball onto the surface of the water, the ball goes flying into the air, staying intact for another round!  "Hell, Sherry, why'd you get 12 inch diameter?  That's like shooting a fat boy at close range."  Yes, that's Kenny!!!  One  ball floated into an area that wasn't safe to shoot at due to the flat terrain and the possibility that a stray bullet could travel far enough, even through massive trees and bushes, to hit something or someone in the distance.  I'll bet that one is still there next year, if we can get to it.  Some parts of the pond are heavily lined with bushes.

On Friday, we headed to Pell City, Alabama, out from Birmingham for the wedding of Jeremy (Rita's son) and Emily.  To say it was a storybook wedding is an understatement.

This is me and Lynn.  Lynn and her husband and children have been friends with Kip and Rita for years.  She is our adopted cousin!

Isn't this a beautiful setting for a wedding?  The weather was sunny and warm.  This is Applewood Farm in Pell City.  The reception was held in the Chandelier Barn just out of view of this picture.  Had it rained, the staff was ready to instantly set up in the "barn."  Thankfully, that wasn't needed.

Emily being escorted to the altar by her Dad.

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Wiggins!

You can click on these pictures to get a better look.

Just like all the other cousins' reunions, every year since 2009, this one was just a wonderful time, well worth the two day drive each way.  I am so fortunate to have the crazy, fun loving, wacky cousins that I have.  

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