Monday, April 25, 2016

An exciting new salad recipe

I am always looking for ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my meals.  There is my fruit salad, made of chopped fruits of whatever I have in the house:  cantalope, honeydew melon, blueberries, kiwi fruit, grapes, strawberries, mango. . .

On the vegetable side, there are salads, stir fry, and my weekend, "clean-out-the-fridge-omelette" and don't forget smoothies.

Here is a new salad recipe I ran across today that caught my fancy so much that after work I ran to Wegmans to get the ingredients that I didn't already have.

Equal parts of:

roma tomatoes
red onion

Chop all of the above and place in mixing bowl.

Combine the following:

juice of one lemon
olive oil

Pour this over the salad and enjoy.

I like the blend of flavors, not to mention the high nutritional value.

Try it!

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