Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nice day for a road trip

I had to drive to Erie, Pennsylvania yesterday.  Pennsylvania no longer recognizes my multi-state concealed carry permit.  Instead, I needed a Pennsylvania permit.

I had no problems with that except for the fact that in the winter that section of I-90 from Buffalo down to Cleveland can be treacherous and is sometimes closed due to snow and ice.  And I wanted to stay on interstate highway so going to another county in Pennsylvania wasn't an option.  Only certain counties in the state issue non-residents carry permits.

The weather and driving conditions couldn't have been better!  I could see Lake Erie from a distance and it had huge sheets of ice on it.  It was even warm enough that I didn't need my heavy winter jacket and gloves.

It was a simple matter to apply for the license, I was in and out in a half hour.  I was told I should receive the permit within a week, in plenty of time for my trip South this Spring.

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