Thursday, January 1, 2015

A nice thought for the New Year

"If more people knitted and crocheted, the world would see fewer wars and a whole lot less road rage."

That quote is attributed to Lily Chin from Lily Chin Signature Collection.  Think about it.  Knitting and crocheting are art forms handed down from generation to generation.  Working with a crochet hook or knitting needle in your hands, causes one to be calm and, at the same time, proud of the creation taking shape before your eyes.  I have a lot of friends that knit and crochet.  They all tell me the same thing, it is relaxing and almost spiritual in the effect it has on you.  My friend, Nancy Lauterbach, has even taken her knitting on canoe trips we have taken to remote wilderness areas!

I learned to knit and crochet decades ago.  At one time, I was quite skilled.  I made cardigan sweaters, afghans, ponchos, to name a few.  I used the cable stitch (my all time favorite), the seed stitch, and numerous pattern stitches in the items I made.  Then a busy life took over and without realizing it, I slowly got away from it.  In a cedar chest in my basement is a rather large, never finished afghan using triple crochet stitches that I used scraps of different color yarn over the years.  It is large enough that all I really need to do is bind off the stitches and possibly put a border around it.

One of my goals for 2015 is to get back in to knitting and crocheting.  I doubt, at this point, if I'm capable of the cable knits I did years ago, but I will work up to that.

Life can be frantic, demoralizing and unfair.  I've chosen a productive and pleasant way to walk around the storms.

Watch for posts on my progress!


  1. Happy New Year Sherry. You create a lot of beautiful things in your life, including friendships.

  2. Happy New Year! Yes! I agree with you and Lily! I'll love to see your progress, too! Knitting and crocheting is not only relaxing, it the provides wonderful positive feeling of creating something you can use, give, or sell. I'm moving happily into retirement doing just that after a career of accounting and professing. I look forward to seeing your blog posts of what you create. :)


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