Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Yesterday I had my last cataract surgery.  Done!

This time, and I don't know why, they gave me less anesthesia and told me I would be more aware of what was going on.  That is NOT what I wanted to hear.

Your mind can really do weird things to you on drugs.  They started to wheel me from the pre-op area to the OR and I immediately said, "You haven't put me to sleep yet."  Someone replied, "I just started the IV."

In the operating room, still wide awake, I said, "Please put me to sleep before you start working on me."  The drugs had started to take effect because people were talking to me but it was like they were speaking in a foreign language.

During the procedure, while I couldn't feel anything, I could see MUCH more than I wanted to!  I remember saying, "Are you almost done with me?"  Again, someone answered me in a language I did not understand!

I couldn't see people.  Instead I saw a mixture of all kinds of colors.  It's hard to describe.

The point of all my rambling here is, if you are told you need cataract surgery, you will probably want to run for cover, just like I did.  The night before my first surgery, two weeks ago, I slept very little from extreme anxiety.  To be blunt, I was scared to death.

All that anxiety was a total waste.  Cataract surgery is almost a walk in the park. . . really.  And the best part. . . I don't need glasses anymore!  Except for very fine print, I can see and read anything without glasses.  I went to Wegmans and bought a pair of readers to have "just in case."

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  1. I would rather be out cold, too. I don't like the idea of having any awareness of what's happening during any kind of surgery!


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