Thursday, February 21, 2013

The dead of winter

February is bitter cold in the North Country where I live. . . frigid temperatures, bone chilling wind, snow and ice.  It is a depressing time for me.  I so very much want to trade my winter clothing and boots for my keens, shorts and t shirts.  This morning was even more demoralizing.  I wore a pair of slacks that I just brought home from the dry cleaners last night.  As I was taking off my boots at my desk at work, I saw salt stains on the bottom of my pants legs.  For those in warmer climates, salt is used to keep the roads dry and safe to drive on here in Western New York.

I look at the skeletons of shrubbery in the back yard - lilac bushes on one side and hydrangeas across the back.  I know that in a few months they will be alive with leaves and blooms.  It isn't too much longer before I go South to my annual cousins reunion that we all look forward to each Spring.  And soon after that I will be pulling out the Weber grill, dusting it off and firing it up with a steak, hamburgers, or ribs.  And my bikes will need to be wiped off, the tires pumped and then I'm off for a long ride along the Erie Canal or further out into the hills of Mendon.  Yes!  This is how I get through the winter blahs!

Bring on Spring!!!

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  1. I can identify! Although we sometimes get some lovely sunshine, it's still very cold over here in Ohio, too. We will go South next month and by the time we get home, it'll be pretty hot here in Ohio. Go figure....


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