Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Morgan moves to the Big House

Whenever I have had two Labs over the years, I leave them in one cage when I am away from home, after the younger one gets "old enough to behave."  It is   larger than you would get for one Lab so they have room to move around comfortably.

Morgan has been in the puppy cage but she has really outgrown it.  Yet I wasn't ready for her to move in with Molly just yet.  She can still forget her manners quite easily.  Molly will take it for awhile, then growl and snap at her.  Molly is older and doesn't appreciate Morgan's playful biting and pouncing.

Last night I had to go out for a couple of hours so I decided to do a trial run of putting them together.  Things seemed okay when I returned.

So this morning when I left for work, Morgan went in with Molly.  They both seemed surprised.  I walked away and said, "God, please let my house be still standing when I come home tonight."

They made the transition!  There was no blood or scars!

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  1. :) They will probably enjoy cuddling together. Ours sure do. We don't kennel them anymore when we leave, but the kennels are there with the doors open. When they want privacy, they go to their kennels. More commonly, though, they can be found cuddled up together in some nice warm, soft spot. Having two dogs at the same time is wonderful, isn't it.


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