Friday, February 8, 2013

Crock pot lunch at work on a snowy day

The Neonatology Division of Pediatrics had a crock pot lunch at work today.  Everyone enjoyed the food and the chance to enjoy being with co-workers for awhile.   Above is my crock pot sitting on my desk before lunch, a scene you would rarely see!

Dee mixed up this delightful salad before the crowd arrived.

Kathy checking out the crock pots.  There were some really wonderful recipes:  sweet and spicy meatballs, taco casserole, chili, several different stews and soups.  

You cannot imagine how great these cupcakes were!  A thick, rich chocolate frosting with sweet decorations.

Ruth is a doctor that has been around a long time and is still going strong.  Everyone likes Ruth!

Liz and Jeff.

Large, sweet strawberries dipped in chocolate fondue.  YUM!

What a nice way to spend a lunch break when it is cold and blowing snow outside.  I counted 26 people at one time, but it was hard to get an accurate count.  Some people, because of their schedule, stopped in and grabbed a plate and had to head out again.

With the weather deteriorating outside, most people left early.  I wanted to get home before the rush hour began.  This is how my car looked in the parking lot.  Normally, I can brush off the snow in 5 minutes or so.  Today's snow is a heavy, wet mix and it was a real workout.

Another shot of the parking lot.

It was no fun driving home.  Even the main roads had not been plowed, or maybe they had but with the snow coming down so heavily, they needed it again.

One more snow scene!


  1. Wow! I'm glad you made it home OK. I hope you can stay home tomorrow.

    We came through PA on old US 40 - stopped at Ft. Necessity for a history fix. It was wet and foggy with a little slop coming down, but no where near that much snow.

    Your crock pot lunch looks great!

  2. Nice looking lunch !
    And the snow !! WOW ...just WOW !
    Im glad you made the trip home just stay home,all weekend !

  3. That looks like a really good time. My unit does a crockpot soup and chili lunch a couple of times a year. That salad looks YUMMY! I hope you are warm and safe with the storm passing through.


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