Monday, February 25, 2013

Never a good time for a vacation. . .

The last "vacation" I had from work was in September when I took almost two weeks off for "puppy leave."  That was when I first brought Morgan home.

Soon I will be taking a "real" vacation, my annual trek to the South for our cousins' reunion.  I look forward to this every year, as do the rest of the Morgan Clan.

My body aches when I think of all the things I need to take care of at work before I leave and all the preparations I have to make for this trip.  Lists have been made. . . soon I will start gathering everything that needs to fit into my little Honda Civic before I begin the long drive down South.

Thanks to computer technology, I will be able to get into my work computer and take care of any issues or pass them off to the person who will be covering for me while I'm gone.  That is a big help.  Someone will be here at home watching over the dogs.

So why am I experiencing anxiety disorder?  Have I become so tied to my job that I don't think anyone else can take care of things while I'm away?  Will it be a big deal if something is left behind that I "really" needed to bring on my trip?  Am I over reacting to worry about 'what if this or that doesn't work out at the reunion'???

I think I need a vacation!

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  1. Oh, I soooo know how your feel! I remember when My Honey "retired" me very, very early and I was at sea for that first tax season. ;) I got over it!

    Huge hugs,


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