Monday, May 21, 2012

Poor Molly

I don't have the heart to show a picture of this.  Molly has a lesion on her foot that isn't very pleasant.  The vet prescribed antibiotics and told me to bring her back on Friday.  She is making the situation worse by constantly licking/chewing on it.

So I asked if I could have one of those awful cone collars that will prevent her from being able to get to her foot.  I felt like a criminal putting it on her.  That look on her face was very clear. . . 'why are you doing this to me?'

Please wish for the best for me and Molly.  We will find out Friday the extent of this set back.


  1. I talked with two of my best friends tonight and their dog was diagnosed with lymphoma. She's an elderly dog, doesn't make it any easier and many tears were shed before I hung up the phone.

    I'm praying this is something non evasive and meds will clear it up. Docs always error on the side of worst case, so they don't tell you it's OK, then find out it's not. That's in your favor.

    Many prayers coming your way for both of you.l

  2. Awww, I'm so sorry for Molly and I know how hard it has to be for you, too. :( I hope you get the best possible news on Friday.

    Huge hugs,

  3. Oh dear!! Poor Molly,I hope she recovers soon.
    Thinking of you and wishing the best for Molly on Friday xo

  4. oh my gosh...and you know she doesn't understand.....I hope she gets better soon!! i feel more for you than her!!! she'll be better soon.


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