Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's amazing how far we've come!

My boss and his wife left Friday for Russia.  He was asked to speak at a conference.

"Here are my hotel phone numbers for Moscow and St. Petersburg," he told me, "just in case!"  "Try e-mail first if you need to get in touch with me."

While I laughed and made a joke of it, you always have to plan for the unplanned.

He then relayed the details of a trip he took to Europe many years ago, before e-mail and when fax machines were just coming into use.  "I don't know how she did it," he began, "but my assistant tracked me down."  He had completed a grant just before leaving.  Anyone that knows about applying for government grants will tell you, they are never "complete" until they are funded.

He re-wrote the part that needed attention and then faxed a dozen or so pages back to Rochester.  The fax machine in those days was painfully slow.  The hotel was irritated with him for tying up their line for so long.

Five years ago, I could never imagine that today I would not have a land line phone. Instead, my iPhone is my connection to the world and I carry it with me everywhere I go.  Who would ever think that e-mail and facebook would become such a big part of our everyday life?

Even cars are constantly evolving.  My new Honda Civic has a computer that tells me how many miles per gallon I am getting, when to change the oil, when to rotate the tires, and by punching one button, I can switch to "Econ" which gives me better gas mileage! Within 15 seconds of driving forward, the doors lock automatically.   And I was told cars today don't need a breaking in period.  You can drive off the lot right now and drive across country.

Kind of makes you wonder, what is just around the corner with technology?


  1. Sure does make you wonder :0)
    We still have a land -line...not sure why !

  2. Travel in Russia is still quite different than travel here in the USA. We arrived by ship (many times) in St. Petersburg and felt we had gone back in time by at least 75 years.

    And, what a coincidence, Aunt Carol is on her way to Russia this morning for a two week tour.

    Regarding how far we have come, my father died in 1998 at nearly 94 years of age. Just thinking about what he saw invented, discovered, and developed in those years from 1904 to 1998 is mind boggling....

    I'm rambling, aren't I? Sorry about that.



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