Sunday, May 13, 2012

For once, a happy story on the news

I admit it.  I'm a news junkie.  Fox News is my choice for reliable news.  But sometimes I get so tired of the doom and gloom in the news that I turn away from watching the news.

Then this morning, as I was drinking my coffee, there was a story on Fox News that drew me to tears. . . tears of joy.  A father returning from the war, watched as his young son, afflicted with cerebral palsy, walked unaided towards him.  Even the news anchors had tears in their eyes.  While the father was away, the young child learned to walk, something every doctor said would never happen.  The mother went to great lengths to keep this a secret from her husband so that their son could surprise him on his return home.

God bless this young family.


  1. Yes, we saw that one, too. Just beautiful! It's wonderful to have a good story for a change, isn't it!

  2. That is joyous needs indeed. Thanks for sharing that, I'd missed it with a busy week.


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