Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday morning walk

As I said in an earlier post this month, March is an up and down month in Rochester weather-wise.  Today is a warm sunny day so Molly and I took a longer walk than usual.  Come on along as I take you on a tour of the area near my home!

Oh!  You won't see any pictures of Molly, even though she was right beside me.  She wouldn't cooperate with me to get a decent picture of her!

This is my street looking east.

Now this is an interesting story.  Back in late summer or early fall, this was a typical 1950's style small cape cod home.  This is on the next street over from me.  They completely tore the top of the home off down to the first floor, gutted the entire inside of what was left. . . and this is the result!   It doesn't look like they've moved back in yet.

This is the same street, looking east.  In the summer and fall this street is absolutely beautiful when the maple trees are covered in leaves.

Now we have left the neighborhood and are walking along East River Road.  This open field is pretty later on in the year with the leaves on the trees and the grass green.

This shot is just to the right of the one above it. [At this point, Molly is giving me her 'can-we-just-walk-without-you-stopping-every-minute-to-do-whatever-it-is-you-are-doing-with-that-thing-around-your-neck?' look]  On a weekday, this road would be filled with cars coming off I-390 onto West Henrietta Road.  On the right along that tree line, is the Erie Canal Path, where I have spent many hours over the years on foot, on my bike, and in a canoe or kayak in the Canal.

Now we are heading back home.  This home has a lot of history behind it.  It was used in the Underground Railroad movement and was almost demolished when I-390 was built (back before I came to Rochester!).  It was moved several hundred yards to its present location.  A business now occupies it, although when I first came to Rochester, someone lived there.

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  1. Thank you for taking us along on your walk! The rebuilt home is lovely and the last home is gorgeous! What an interesting neighborhood.



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