Monday, March 12, 2012

Dishes with a long history

Back in 1958, my parents and I drove from Florida to California on vacation.  We visited a factory where dishes were made.  My parents bought these dishes and for most of my growing up years, these dishes were on our table.  They never really excited me and after all those years, I grew very tired of the pattern.

My mother died in 1991.  The dishes didn't sell in the household sale we held and I didn't want to just toss them.  So we packed them up and they made the trip from Pensacola, Florida to Rochester, NY.  There they sat in the basement.  Last summer I held a garage sale and the dishes still didn't sell.

My cousin, Rita, in Alabama, had a fit that I would want to sell them.. She wanted them.  She has fond memories of visiting "Aunt Millie" and eating on those plates. How to get them back to Alabama?  To properly pack them and ship them would cost a bundle.  On my annual trip each year to my cousins reunion, my little Honda Civic is loaded to near capacity.

So I compromised.  Yesterday I packed what I could get into the box in the picture, making sure there was plenty of padding so the dishes could make the trip safely.  The rest went back to the basement and over one or two more trips, I will get the rest of the dishes to Rita.

How many sets of dishes do you know of with such a storied past?

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  1. They are pretty. I was offered Mom's good China, there's lots of it. But to drive to Dad is 3 days each way, and there's just not enough vacation to do that and then spend any time there. So I let my niece take them. I was glad they stayed in the family. That was nice of you to do that.


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