Sunday, March 4, 2012

March in Rochester

March is a strange month in Rochester.  I moved to Rochester in the month of March way back in 1974.  It was towards the end of the month the day I arrived and imagine my surprise when my plane landed and  there was snow on the ground, lots of snow!

It can be warm and sunny, cold and rainy (make that cold, WINDY, and rainy), or really cold and snowy. . . take your pick.  Today it is cold and snowy.  By the middle of the week, temperatures are forecast to be high 40's, low 50's.

Even though we have had a mild winter in Western New York this year, I am really ready to shed the boots, winter coats, polar fleece gloves and trips to the car wash to get the salt off my car.

Living in the northeast, you learn to appreciate little things, like the first crocus bloom you see in your yard or when you realize it is time to put away the flannel lined jeans and get your Spring/Summer shoes and clothes out of the tote in the shed! Or when the Weber grill that has been gathering dust in the garage all winter needs to be pulled out, wiped off and turned on again!  Strips steaks, baby back ribs, burgers. . . potato salad, three bean salad, blueberry salad. . . mmmmm!


  1. I'm in Western Australia where we're heading into autumn...but lucky for us it's about 65f even in winter, so I look forward to winter arriving!

  2. Hi Sherry!

    Oh, yes, I can identify with your weather changes in Cincinnati, too. Even here in Port Canaveral this morning the temp dropped 7 or 8 degrees to the 50's in about 5 minutes as storms moved in. That was just about the time I went ashore to go through immigration and shopping. I swear Murphy had something to do with it! Oh, you may think the 50's sound warm, they probably do there. Here we are generally dressed for the 70's or warmer so it's a shock when it is colder. Three weeks ago it was 34 F when I left the ship. I am so looking forward to Spring in Cincinnati! ;)

    Huge hugs from Port Canaveral,
    Lois :))

  3. Well, I am in Indiana...and though I haven't had to dress in layers this winter as much as normal, I am still ready to be done with it. Even though we did not get one good snow.

  4. We have had a really mild season. I wish we had more snow. We had just a couple of dusting's. The flowers have been blooming and now the tulip trees and red buds are beautiful. I cannot believe how fast time is flying--here a third of March is gone. Take care.


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