Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whew! A Home Invasion Survival Class

Believe me when I tell you I ache all over right now.  I hope I will be able to get out of bed tomorrow morning!  Today and tomorrow I am participating in a Home Invasion class.  This class is offered by Rochester Personal Defense.  If you own guns and live in Western New York, google them. You'll be doing yourself a favor by taking a few of their classes.  I have taken a lot of classes from them over the years and I highly recommend them for firearms training, personal safety, and other areas of personal defense.  

Dave Jenkins, the owner of RPD, brought in a phenomenal trainer who has served in the Air Force and other areas of Law Enforcement. 

We learned such things as how to overtake the bad guy when he has a gun pointed at your head or if he approaches you with a gun pointed at you.  These are simple steps that anyone can execute.  Awhile back I took Defensive Pistol 201 and I thought that one was rough.  Some people in today's class had big cuts on their hands and wrists. . . I didn't get into it quite that intense!  But my wrists and hands ache right now.  I was knocked against a wall a couple of times today too.

No, we didn't use real guns.  We had plastic dummy guns.

I wish I could be more specific about the training but, understandably, you don't want things like this publicized.  The element of surprise against a bad guy is your strongest defense. 

I am proud to mention the number of women carrying guns in New York State has risen dramatically in recent years.  One of our local TV stations did a report on this a couple of weeks back and the numbers are staggering.


  1. Whoa !!!I pitty the bloke who messes with you Sherry!! Good on you for taking these classes,so sad that you need to though.

  2. Cool! I love the whole concept! :))) Don's mess with Mamma with or without a gun!


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