Sunday, February 19, 2012

The voice behind the blog!

Lois, over at From Lois' Hands, as those of you know who follow her blog, is married to the Chief Engineer on Freedom of the Seas, a RCCL ship.  Awhile back she posted the link to a webcam that you can watch when the ship returns EARLY on Sunday morning and leaves around 4:30 pm on Sunday afternoon.  I have watched it leave a couple of times and find that to be fascinating entertainment. . . never can get up and awake enough to watch it come in at some horrific early pre-dawn hour!

So this afternoon, I turned on the webcam minutes before the HUGE ship started moving out of port.  Sometimes the webcam gets close enough that you can recognize people.  So I shot off a quick e-mail to Lois saying, "Come to the railing and wave to me!"  Now I have never met Lois in person but have followed her blog enough and seen enough pictures of her that I would recognize her.  I heard the bell on my computer that tells me I have e-mails.  I wasn't about to turn away from the webcam, I wanted to see her waving at me!!!

Finally, when the ship was leaving the port, heading into the ocean, I checked my e-mails.  There was one from Lois, "Here is my cell number.  Call me and I will tell you where I am!"

DARN!  It was too late to see her on the webcam by then.  But I called her.  Lois, you talk just like you come across on the blog!!!

For those that don't know, she and Kjell are at sea for ten weeks at a time and home for about ten weeks.  They lead an exciting life and do fun things.  Check out her blog which you can find on the right side of mine.  She also has two Labrador Retrievers. . . anyone who loves Labs as I do is my kind of people!!!


  1. Well that answers my question.... how could she possibly afford all those cruises! I could never bring myself to ask in case is was rude. What a fantastic life they lead. Thanks, Sherrie - I have had a bit of a look at the web cam too. Fascinating.

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Hey...can you send me the link for the webcam...

  3. Rose, if you click on Lois' blog link (on the right side of my blog here), then on her blog site, look along the right side and you will see a box that you click on to get to the webcam. Once there, you need to click on the "left pointing arrow" which you will find if you roll your mouse around the lower left corner of the screen that comes up. It takes a few seconds or more after you do that for the webcam picture to come up but be patient. This all may sound confusing, but it isn't! In the same little "box" that has the pointing arrow, there is a solid rectangle that if you click on that, it brings the picture to full screen.

  4. Ah that some good fun I'll give it a go too.

    Regards Rina
    Our Slice of Heaven


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