Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Get your mammogram, Ladies

There is probably no other woman on the face of the earth that dislikes having a mammogram more than I do.  If you have ever had a mammogram, you know what I mean.

But let's be honest, it sure beats the possible alternative.

I have a friend that I've known since the third grade.  She still lives back in my hometown of Pensacola, Florida.  A number of years ago, she had a mammogram. They found a tiny spot that even she couldn't see when they pointed it out to her.  She had the very beginning of breast cancer. . . and because of a mammogram, they caught it in time.  She didn't have to have a mastectomy.  She was treated and is still walking around, healthy, today.

So today I went for my brief time of torture. . . the technician that performed the "procedure" told me at the end, "Since you seem to be more sensitive to this than most people, it would be a good idea for you to cut out all caffeine for a week prior to having a mammogram."  

Okay, she was a sweet young thing, younger than my own children, so I didn't have the heart to scream at her, "NO ONE WILL DENY ME MY COFFEE FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!!!!"  I just said, "Okay!"

Then I was off to get back to my life.  I have a lot to live for.  And it is a whole year before I have to go through this again!


  1. Lol...NO COFFEE !!! You crack me up Sherry :0)

  2. That would be about like me with no coke...but will say the mammogram is just uncomfortable for me. I have had one technician that actually hurt.


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