Saturday, February 4, 2012

A lazy Saturday morning

Saturday morning is my time to slow down and let my brain relax from the frantic work week. Although I really like my new job, it carries a lot of responsibility. . . supervising four people, among many other tasks I can't go into here. One slip up from me and things can go tumbling downhill fast.

Molly decided that 5:45 am was time for me to get up this morning. Who needs an alarm clock? So I get up and take care of her needs, get the coffee pot going, check my e-mails and facebook, and finally settle down to watch Fox and Friends and try to enjoy my coffee with a 50 pound dog in my lap.

Like most of you, I like the hype for the Super Bowl and there is plenty of that on TV these days. I don't really have a favorite team in the Super Bowl. I just want to see a good close game. But even if the game is a dud, we all know the commercials will be entertaining.

Later, I went through my e-mail inbox and sent files and dumped a lot of old e-mails. In doing that, I ran across two e-mails from my cousin, Rita, from last April when she sent me dozens of pictures from our cousins reunion. I went through all the pictures. They reminded me of the fun time we have every year.

Now who could imagine, a bunch of aging cousins, gathering on wooded, unimproved land way out in the middle of no where on land our grandparents farmed and raised their children many decades ago. . . no electricity, no "facilities". . . and yet we all have a great time together for the day. That's us! We'll be getting together again this year in not too many weeks from now. At the end of that fun day, Rita invites us over to the vacation home of her in-laws on a beautiful, peaceful lake and the fun times continue. On Sunday morning, Kip makes his famous buttermilk biscuits for breakfast. Last year, as always, I was up early and sitting on that big, fantastic deck overlooking the lake and enjoying my coffee.

After wading through all those pictures, I decided I should get something productive done this morning. So I loaded the dishwasher and sorted clothes from the laundry basket to go in the washer and dryer.

Enough of being lazy, time to get busy. Enjoy your weekend, folks!


  1. I spent a quiet day at home, baking bread and making some soup, ratherh than get out in all the Super Bowl traffic in and out of the city.

    Good days.

  2. Hi Sherry,

    Ah, a day at home. I remember those. ;) Just kidding, we have only been away less than two weeks now, but we do enjoy being home doing home things. :)

    I look forward to seeing your pictures and reading your stories about your Cousins Outing this year. :) Drive Carefully!

    Sunday greetings from Port Canaveral....


  3. You are lucky to have cousins you get to see and want to see....


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