Monday, September 7, 2009

Web surfing

It is amazing what you can find when you start poking around on the web. Here are a few sites I have found and check in on from time to time. This one is all about child movie stars from the past and what they are doing today. A how-to site with loads of good information An inspirational site from Max Lucado Who is Alive and Who is Dead. Have you ever wondered, "I haven't heard about _______ in awhile. I wonder if he/she is still around?" This site lists famous people by categories. A really cute game. It begins with a pyramid of teddy bears. As you move your mouse across the pyramid, the teddy bears topple down and then spring back in place. The sound effects are humorous. A good no-brainer for a rainy day! This is a satellite view of the earth showing daylight and darkness. A reliable source of information on grass fed beef and where to find farms that raise and sell it.

How did we ever live without the internet and all it offers???

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