Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Susie Horwitz

Someone that I knew through my work at the University of Rochester Medical Center died this week of a brain tumor, about a month after being diagnosed. Susan Horwitz was a therapist and educator whose focus was domestic violence. She was passionate about her work and had enormous success in helping families in distress. I was fortunate to know Susie personally. She and I were the same age and both Republicans. She even tried to play matchmaker once and introduce me to a man she knew. While that didn't work out, I was grateful to her for caring. Susie was one of those people that everyone liked. It just seems unfair that someone who had so much to offer the world would die so young. It reminds me of a quote that I think sums up Susie's life. . . It is not how many years in your life that matters, but how much life you put into your years.

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  1. But for the grace of god go I....lifes short,live the life you love xx


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