Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jake!

My grandson, Jake, is 7 years old today! Happy Birthday, Jake! I am convinced Jake is going to be a corporate CEO or a lawyer. He has amazing powers of persuasion!


  1. Happy 7th birthday Jake! Sherry...ALL grandsons have amazing powers of persuasion with their Grandma'
    Wow ,Down Under hit the US news!That doesnt happen too often does it?Oh unless Russel Crowe hits someone with a phone of course :0)Go get "Australia" out on dvd and tell me what you think.It has some great outback scenery,and Aussie history.We're a larakin ,love-able mob.

  2. One of my daughters-in-law spent a half year in Australia once. I've heard you have some beautiful scenery down there. I'll get Australia (on DVD) through Netflix and check it out.


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