Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Walking the dog

I've always found it a peaceful experience watching someone walk their dog. The same is true when I walk Molly. I think when people are walking their dog, it is a calm time, free from stress and worry. There is an old gentleman and his miniature schnauzer that I often see on my way to work in the morning. He always waves at me, and the times that I pass by him when I walk to work, he has a kind word or two to say. Molly knows we are going for a walk even before I use the word "walk"!!! I think she can read my mind sometimes. Another activity she loves is chasing a ball that I throw for her in the backyard.

I really feel sorry for people who don't own a dog, or even worse, those who don't like dogs. They don't know what they are missing in terms of quality of life.


  1. Playing in the yard with Doogie is fun - he loves frisbee time!

    Going for walks with Doogie still isn't a calm thing for us. I think he's still too much of a puppy?

  2. Yes, I remember those days! But it does get better. Sooner or later Doogie will decide to grow up.


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