Friday, May 22, 2009

Today I planted impatiens

I always plant impatiens under the big tree in the front yard every year, after the daffoidil blooms are gone. I took this afternoon off from work to get a head start on my traditional Memorial Day "work-in-the-yard" weekend. Over the weekend, I will prepare the other garden in the front yard which has mostly perrennials with a few colorful petunias thrown in. I have to plant deer-resistant plants in the front yard. It is not uncommon for me to open my front door in the morning and find a deer or two looking back at me as if they are thinking, "What are YOU doing here???", as they help themselves to my plants.

The six lilac bushes that I planted in the back yard two years ago are doing just great this year with dozens of blooms on each bush.


  1. Your flowers look so nice,I had a chuckle about the deer,lol,just cant imagine seeing them in my front garden.Enjoy your weekend :0)

  2. I don't know - those look like tasty treats to me! ;-)

    SPEAKING of deer - I'm guessing that's what came through and munched the top off my weakest Asian pear tree, plus nibbled on the pussy willows. I'm sure the pussy willows will actually APPRECIATE it, but the Asian pear really doesn't need the challenge... I'll put a sign out with directions up to your place - I'll be sure to let them know you have the good stuff! ;-)


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