Sunday, May 3, 2009

Autumn's Harvest Farm

I want to share with you a wonderful discovery I made. Autumn's Harvest Farm. Their website is They are a small operation, a young couple who do all the work with help from his dad. They raise grass fed beef, pork, and poultry. Now a month ago, I couldn't have told you the benefit of meat from a grass fed environment. Now I am a true believer. Yesterday a friend and I drove over to their farm near Romulus, NY. We were greeted by Timothy and Sarah, a very friendly, down-to-earth young couple, with a baby and a toddler, who proudly showed us their small farm and their animals, along with explaining how these animals are fed and raised. The chickens are in portable pens that are moved twice a day to give them plenty of fresh grass to eat. There are fruit trees near the pig pen. The pigs eat the cherries from these trees. The cows are in a large field with room to romp. One of the cows had just given birth yesterday morning and she let us know she didn't appreciate us coming near her newborn calf! If you go to their website, along with, there is a better explanation than I can give you of the benefits of eating grass fed meat. Tonight I cooked one of the T-bone steaks that I bought from them on my grill. Wow! After just one bite, I could not believe the difference. The meat was tender and very flavorful. On the eatwild website, you click on your state and there is a list of grass fed farms in your area. I encourage you to check them out. We are all more conscious of what we eat these days and finding this farm and their methods of raising their animals has been a real learning experience for me.


  1. May have to get some for a dutch oven meal in July!

  2. Funny how we are so choosy about our vegetables and milk and eggs,but dont seem to think about the meat!We all need some more information I think,the more the better.My absolute favourite cut of beef is T-bone...mmmmm :0)


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