Sunday, May 24, 2009

My To Do list is shrinking!

I just love checking off things on a To Do list, especially when those things are not my idea of fun things to do. At the end of the second day of our three-day weekend, I only have two more things to do. . . mow the lawn and go for a bike ride and/or kayak paddle. Okay, everything on my list doesn't have to be work! My gardens out front have really taken shape. The big one, closest to the road, was really looking ratty with weeds and overgrown perrenials. I trimmed back the perrenials, planted petunias in the empty spaces and what a difference that made. I really think the impatiens that I planted on Friday afternoon have grown since I put them in the ground. When the petunias get bigger and the perrenials are in bloom a few weeks from now, I will post a picture.

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  1. I hear ya on that To Do list thing. I got sooooo much done this holiday weekend. Not all the things I had PLANNED to do, but new things popped up that also got taken care of. It definitely feels like it was a productive weekend, and it was beautiful weather for working outdoors!


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