Saturday, November 28, 2015

I love my panini sandwiches!

I haven't made a panini in awhile but this was another way to use leftover turkey.  So I pulled my griddler out of storage and went to work.

Here's what I used:

Pain de Campagne bread fresh from Wegman's bakery
fresh spinach
fontina cheese
sliced tomato
marinated artichokes

I slathered melted butter on the outside of each slice, let the griddler do its job and in a few minutes I had a wonderful sandwich.

You have to try hard to ruin a panini, short of leaving it in the griddler too long and it burns.  I learned from the cheese counter at Wegmans that you can use any mild cheese because it melts quickly.  I had always used sliced mozzarella but today I went with fontina.

Use your imagination in deciding what to put in it. . . avocado, any sliced meat, whatever you like.

If you have a favorite panini that you make, I'd love to hear about it.


  1. My favorite is roast beef with mushrooms and garlic mayo with a dash of crushed red pepper in the mayo on country french bread. Your sandwich sounds delicious!

  2. Yours sounds good too. The mushrooms and garlic appeal to me.


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