Monday, November 23, 2015

The white stuff

A noise woke me up in the early morning hours.  It is unusual for a big truck to come down our street at this hour.  Opening my eyes, I saw the unmistakable sight of a rotating light. . . the snow plow.  There isn't enough to plow, but it was making "a salt run."

Ugh.  Can I just roll over and pretend this isn't happening?  I really thought we'd get through November without this nuisance.  Just last week, people were walking around in shirt sleeves, even a few in short sleeves.

But this is Western New York, adjacent to that big snow machine, the Great Lakes.

This is Bailey's first snow!  Like any other puppy, first she stared at it, then sniffed it, then ran with unbridled joy!

Depending on which "authority" you want to believe, we will have a mild winter or one with above average precipitation.  I think we deserve a mild winter.  The last two have been brutal.

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